Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Birthday Bash 2011

Grabbed those ADORABLE sayings from pinterest. (LOVE IT!)
So as everyone knows, I decided to celebrate my birthday over the 8th of October.
Opening weekend of Keeneland. Weather was perfect.
I was beyond excited.

Friday all my Western KY girls were coming in.
My LEX girls were figuring out last touches to their outfits.
My brother was premixing some of the Breakfast.
I had some unexpected personal drama during the day and was so READY to let loose!

Friday the girls started running a little late.
So I ran some last minute errands and FINALLY found my outfit.
Tanned. Saw an old friend.
Then came home to wait for them to arrive!!

Just the sound of them banging up the stairs made me beyond excited!
They were finally here and I could finally let it all out.
Please don't think I don't have AMAZING friends in LEX because I do.
Katie, Becca, Ashton, Susanna and Thurman are SO good to me.
They drag me out of the house, wipe my tears, listen to me bitch, make me laugh,
deal with my shopping habits and always include me!!
I would NEVER trade any of them!

But my Western KY girls KNOW me, the REAL me.
Inside & Out
The type of friends that you don't have to say how you feel because they already know.
And between work, my Nana, and stupid drama I was at a breaking point.
I am SOO glad they got to come up here!

The Itinerary went like this:
9:15 Get up
11:00 AM Breakfast
12:00 Leave for Keeneland
4:30 Leave Keeneland to come home and change
6:00 Dinner reservation on Sal's Patio
Then down to Drakes and OUT!

(Keep in mind that was the planned itinerary):
9:45 We all Finally Got up
11:20 Arrived at Micah's
11:25 First Mimosa
12:30 Left for Keeneland
5:00 Left Keeneland
6:10 Arrive at Sal's

So YEAH, of course we were running a little BEHIND.
But you have to LOVE  that.
That is just how we are!

Breakfast was awesome!
The brother made breakfast casserole, fruit, and whole wheat toast.
Of course with mimosas!
Keeneland was great. It was beautiful.
The club house tickets were amazing and I was so thankful!
After seeing General Admission I would have been miserable!
I won $6.55 on a race!
But didn't even break even!

Alison, Rachel, Me, Lauren

Me & Lauren

Rachel and Me

We actually arrived to dinner before I thought we would..
It helps just having to change and freshen up.
I made the reservation for 12 people and we actually ran out of chairs.
I felt bad everyone couldn't sit with us.
But the group there made my birthday!
Dinner was one of my favorite times during the day!!

Me and Alison

Katie J & Me
We headed to Drakes.
Where we had a good time but decided to migrate downtown.
Tin Roof is always my favorite.
So we stopped there, had some shots and dances!!
I  met up with an old good friend, which is always nice!
We then rode the TROLLEY (which I am sad we didn't take photos)
Got off and walked to Wildcat Saloon.
I had a GREAT time!

Katie & Becca in the back. Rachel, Lauren & Me @ Drakes

Me & Brother

Rachel, Lauren & Me @ Tin Roof

Having my friends around was great!
We had so many laughs, cries and wonderful memories!
I am truly blessed!
Thanks to all of you who came out!!!


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