Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Birthday Blog

Soo..  as you know from my last post. 
I am now officially 25.
Don't worry. I don't feel any different! 
Same ol' crazy me!! 
shenanigans and all!! 

I know I say this every year but I seriously think this was the
Birthday yet!! 
No. But. Really.

Not only did I celebrate for a WHOLE week.
but I saw everyone I love most!!
Let us start here.

September 28.
WhitBit and I decided to get our lives back together.
and frequent our local hang out.
Drakes. Which is like "Cheers" to us.
We have gotten to know servers, the DJ, the doormen, and most people who also frequent there often.
It FELT so good.
to let loose. and dance and laugh like old times!
{Her job took her away from me for awhile}

September 29.
I Got up and prepared for the tailgate my brother and his friends were throwing.
Whit and Kellie met at my house and we headed to Commonwealth.
There was a great turn out and it was so much fun!!
And of course, we went out afterwards!!

September 30
I got up and headed to my moms for my Birthday Lunch!!
She made my favorite meal!
We all ate and ended up taking a long nap!
Such a good time!!

October 2
My actual Birthday!!
I went to work and received all kinds of surprises!!
I was seriously so excited!!
All those beautiful flowers and a surprise birthday cake!!
After work I met a long time friend at Hooters
(yes, I'm even classy on my birthday)
and then went downtown for awhile!!

October 5
My friends came in town and I couldn't have been more excited to see them!!
we said we were going to "Lay Low" since the real celebration was Saturday.
BUTTTTT You know how that is. 
I wasn't even able to drive to dinner. :)
After dinner we almost went out, but ended up just going to Shamrocks.
Then had people back at my house.. till 4 AM. (Yikes)

October 6
For whatever reason I got up about 8:30 
and went and woke up Nat to talk to me.
After a couple more winks of sleep, I started getting ready about 10 AM.
Alex, Katie, Becca and I went to the club house for the day!
We had the best time!
I LOVE getting dressed up for Keeneland!!

We left Keeneland about 4:45 
Dinner was at 6:30 and we had to do a wardrobe change!! :) 
I think the ride from Keeneland to Becca's and then my house was my favorite.
We literally had a dancing PARRTTYYY!!
It was hilarious!!
We had dinner at Sal's 
and then headed to Parlay!!
I literally got the BEST table in there with my reservation
because I was right by the stage and high enough I could see everyone in there. (Thanks Elizabeth!!)
Jordan English was playing and I LOVE LOVE LOVE him!!

Then here comes Elizabeth to distract me from the bar.
She acts like it was an emergency and needed me right then.
I hurry over to see what she had to talk about 
and look who was sitting at my table!!

Yepp! My daddy and step mom!!
I literally screamed "DADDDYY??"
haha. To funny!!
I was soo excited they were there.
We continued the night away dancing and having the best time!!
All my girls dancing with Daddy O

October 7
I yet again woke up at 7:45 AM
So I went and got the girls breakfast!!
Then, I headed to Keeneland with the family.
We had reservations in the Stakes room and it was so nice!!
I love Keeneland!!
We had a great day laughing, fighting my hangover and daddy winning some money!! 

I told you!! 
It was literally the BEST. BIRTHDAY. EVER.
I should have taken way more pics than I did but..
I had like 18 people at my dinner.
I had a large group out to Parlay that night!
It was seriously my favorite!!
Thank YOU so much for all the wishes, fun, and drinks!
I guess I have to go back to reality now!! :(


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  1. Happy belated birthday doll! So sorry I missed your actual big day, but looks like you had a fabulous week! Hell, I celebrate my whole birthday month!!




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