Tuesday, October 2, 2012

25 things I believe...


oh. my.
I am now 25 years old.
it's crazy to me. 
where did the time go!!?

After going back and forth I have finally decided.
to blog (after so long) about:

25 things I believe
 in now that I am 25.

1. I believe in birthdays! 
No not just because today is mine but I think everyone needs at least ONE day to feel loved and appreciated!!

2. I believe in saying how you feel.
no secrets. no excuses. pure honesty.
whether it is I love you, or I am sorry. 


3. I believe in thanking GOD everyday. 
whether things are good or bad.

This is wonderful!

4. I believe having a dog will make you live longer.
I seriously question people if they don't like dogs.

5. I believe in laughing till you cry.
or your stomach hurts. 
i couldn't agree more.

6. I believe in Independence. 
over these 25 years I am strong as EVER. 
and I hope that never changes. 
Yes. Yes. Yes. Times a million.
7. I believe in positive people!

Let go of your negative thoughts.

8. I believe in the power of letting go!
sometimes you have to do it. 
so true!
9. I believe that a pair of shoes can change your day!
(just ask Cinderella)

10. I believe that over the years, you do turn into your mother.
like it or not. 

11. I believe in taking time out of work, for more important things.
(like Kings Island with my nephew)

12. I believe in vacations!
as much as possible.

13. I believe in saying thank you.
or that someone is appreciated. 

14. I believe in fate.
if it's supposed to happen. it will. plain and simple

15. I believe all blessings come from GOD.
sometimes it just takes a minute to be thankful through the storm.
Best quote of the Olympics.

16. I believe in seizing the opportunity!
besides, bad decisions equal good stories.

17. I believe in enjoying the small things.
like coffee on a cold day, hearing from an old friend who just wants to check on you,
a night in with wine and your girls or a goodnight text from your daddy.

18. I believe in tailgating.

19. I believe in sweet gestures from guys.
flowers just because, a special dinner after a long day.

20. I believe that this should be my job.
with Kathie Lee and Hoda
my role model.

21. I believe in dancing.
as. much. as. possible.

22. I believe in Happy Hours.
they can change your whole day.

Happy happy hour!

23. I believe in dressing up.
#Chanel #quotes #destiny

24. I believe that Pandora can read my mind.
seriously always plays just what I need.

25. I believe that everyone should..
Forget your past, live in your present, smile at your future and appreciate every little good thing in your life..

Love you all!! 

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  1. I feel like we believe in all the same things, child! "I remember 25" :) Great outlook, sissybelle




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