Friday, October 19, 2012

{{{ I CONFESS... }}}

I confess...

*That I have drank cokes the last three days.. 
It has to stop ASAP!

*I confess... I got a new iPhone 4S yesterday.
Yes, I had an upgrade.
No, I didn't want a 5.
(I can't live without my battery case!)

*I confess... I shopped at express 3 times this week.
Buy one get one 50% off on shirts.
You can't beat that!!

*I confess... I have 3 fold out chairs, 2 coolers, 8 wine glasses
and a large pillow in my truck.
bad part.. It has all collected there.
NO, I don't camp.
Just tailgate!! :)

*I confess... I got shellac on my nails last week.
I pulled it off 3 days later.
That is what happens when I don't really like the color.

*I confess... I would go to Keeneland every weekend.
To not bet at all.
Just have a couple of drinks
and be absolutely content.
I love dressing up! 
Seeing all my friends!
Is that bad??

*I confess... sometimes when I'm out
with people I start to love them so much
I add them to my favorites on my phone?
(The next morning, I'm always like whatt?)
{How weird is that?}
Yes. I love Emojis #sorryImNotSorry

*I confess... I CAN't online shop.
I found these boots I LOVE on
went to the store, they didn't have them.
So they ordered them.
Which means, I am stalking FedEx every 20 min at work.
God help me!

*I confess... I need a good devotional book.
I do daily devotionals over email but
I want something more personal and tangible in my hand.

*I confess... it's the weekend.
I couldn't be more excited!! 

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  1. Hello, Just stopping by from Confessional Friday. Hope you enjoy your weekend!

  2. Wait - going to Keeneland to only partake in socializing and carrying around a book for decoration isn't what every girl does? hahaha WITH. YOU. I am going tomorrow morning, sissybelle! And you shopped at Express 3 times this week? I don't call that bad - I call that BALLER status haha. So glad you commented on my blog so that I found a fellow Bluegrass sisters blog! {that's my fav blogs} just don't tell anyone else that hahaha




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