Friday, October 26, 2012

Confessional Friday {Link Up}

I've been doing pretty good this week, blogging.
better than usual anyway.
But Let me just get right to it...
Here are just a couple of my confessions:
*I confess... I couldn't be more excited that it is Friday..
But I actually went home sick today from work.
Which really worries me..
*I confess... I am really excited about my Halloween costume tomorrow.
Hints why I am worried I might be getting sick.
*I confess... I went to Old Navy this week to get one thing for my costume.
and left with 7 different things.. oops
{what happened to my budget}
*I confess.. I really question people who don't dress up or like Halloween.
It's the one time of year you can dress up HOWEVER you want and act HOWEVER you want!!
*I confess... I am really feeling old these days.
I seriously sleep 8-9 hours a night.
I eat dinner around 6:00. WOW
*I confess... I am need of a vacation.
A beach. Cocktails. and a cute cabana boy!
*I confess... since I upgraded my iPhone.
I've been through 3.
Maybe that wasn't the smartest idea.
*I confess... I really think I have the best parents in the world.
I have been thinking all day how blessed I really am.
*I confess... I feel like guys these days are panzies. But really.
Scared of haunted houses, or scared to ask a girl out.
crazy to me.
*I confess... I am obsessed with my Kindle.
I seriously read so much more than I ever thought I would since I have gotten it!!
*I confess... I think you should all go link up with
Leslie for some Friday Confessionals!!!
Have a great weekend!!

1 comment:

  1. Visiting from Leslie's page!

    I need a vacation too!! Cocktails, sun, and sand!

    Have a fab weekend.




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