Monday, August 29, 2011

Sometimes it's the little things!!

You're never fully dressed without a smile.  ~Martin Charnin

Positive change is something that I thought I could only see but turns out everyone around me is noticing. Clients, friends, and family all have been commenting on it and that is exactly the positive feedback that I need. Just today a friend/client said exactly this, "Your voice sounds chipper. Your actions are nicer. Your taking care of your self better and I can see your future being fabulous. I am so proud of you!" I also woke up to a text from my Zumba partner saying, "I read your blog and really liked it! I don't have the balls to be that open to everyone! I think it is awesome you wrote it" or last night getting a text from a friend saying, "My roommate read your blog and said it was really good! I can't wait to read it!"

I LOVE this positive feedback!!

Through this change I have realized one thing,  I AM ME!! That's all I know how to be anymore. And the great thing about it is I am enjoying it, laughing things off and having a good time. So I decided, to be on a lighter note, I would bring to light a couple of things I have recently realized that I ABSOLUTELY can NEVER live without again!!!

(These are in no particular order because they are all very important)
* ZUMBA- I go to the ROC as much as my schedule allows. It is FUN & a great workout!! There are tons of women there so it is not awkward or anything. It is a very fair price of $30 for 10 visits or $5 per visit. I think it is the best $30 I have spent in awhile! Anywhere I can go and workout while shaking my rump while listening to Usher or Black Eyed Peas, I AM GOOD!

*Cheap Sunglasses- At this very moment I have 3 pairs (black, brown and aviators) in my purse. I wear contacts and driving in the sun gives me a headache. I love that they are cheap because if I loose them or break them then I feel no remorse. I just simply did in the MK bag and find another pair! :)
*Pumps/Wedges- I love them!! They can turn my day around either by pairing with a great outfit, receiving compliments on them or finding a great deal!! Through the last couple of years I can honestly say I didn't buy one pair because my ex was shorter and I didn't want to be even close to taller than him. Now, in the last 3 months I have bought probably 5 pairs.. I know, its an obsession!! Favorite right now are my bone colored Guess pumps!! Comfy and LOVE them!
*Liquid Mousse & Kenra Finishing Spray- OBSESSED with them both. I use them both every single time I fix my hair. I spray a little liquid mousse and then straighten or curl and then spray on finishing spray. LOVE them. Mousse is from Sally's and the spray is from Ulta. Seriously they will rock your world. One of my best friends always told me the higher the hair, the  closer you are to God!! And lately that has been my motto!! I am branching out and loving it!!

*A beautiful day- Sounds Cheesy, I know But I really do!! When I wake up and take the dog out and it is pretty blues skies, light breeze and sunny, I am instantly put into a good mood. What else could a girl want, a sharp car, nice jams and a perfect day!! LOVE IT!

*Red Wine- It is funny, I never thought I liked the stuff. Every time I would try it I would get a bitter taste that I didn't like and didn't understand. But, when I went through my breakup it was all I wanted and still want. I am in LOVE with Pinot Noir. It makes my world go round. Whether it is happy hour, discussing issues with the girls or a compliment to dinner it is always good!!

I hope this blog made you smile and made you realize some of the small things in life that you couldn't live without!! Yes, these were all material things but sometimes you have to find the little things to make your self happy. These things along with some trash TV and good music (Beyonce, Carter IV, Tim McGraw, or Adele) can make any day better. So keep smiling my friends!! :)

Hope your Monday is bearable!! And remember tomorrow is Tuesday!!  

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